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Know Your SourceS (KYSS)

Qubento's pilot offering KYSS, utilising the power of blockchain, provides end-to-end traceability for the organic supply chain

Key Features

The pilot's customer-centric approach takes into account all nuances of a multi-stakeholder supply chain, with a specific focus on the organic market. 

Verified Origins

Certified operators with verified origin of produce


Seamless integration between parties & immutable ledgers


Organic certificates & standards for compliance

Smart Contracts

Trading, handling of delivery, payment and recalls

About Us


Qubento focuses on developing solutions which provide direct and measurable positive impact for the stakeholders. Since our inception in 2018, we have directly worked with the different stakeholders in the agro and healthcare domains to address the most pressing and immediate problems in these domains. 

Qubento's platform is blockchain-based with analytics models built on top. We use GraphQl-based stacks for building our user-facing web/mobile applications. 

Organic produce & Nutraceutical supply chain

We focus on material traceability providing value addition in terms of quality assurance and  compliance.  The combined features provide real, measurable incentives to all the stakeholders in the supply chain as per their individual expectations. We are working towards scaling up the implementation of our enterprise product.

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9/5, Akbarabad 2nd Street,
Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024
Tamil Nadu, India

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